“It required a very desperate condition indeed to force the Serbian soldiers to stay behind. The period of dreary, continuous rainfall continued, and it was into a sea of water and mud that the wounded had to flee… Nearly all the hobbling, bandaged, bloody, emaciated men were bareheaded…The bandages became soggy, and the wounds began to bleed afresh… and were [soon] filthy from the street slush… They refused to stay and be captured. There were no more clothes for them, so they faced a journey in pouring rain, no one knew where nor how long. Some could not walk alone and the stronger aided. This determination never to be prisoners was general throughout the hospitals of Serbia. The Serb never believes he will die until he is dead and the wounded Serbs wanted to fight again.”

— Fortier Jones, With Serbia into Exile: An American’s Adventures with the Army that Cannot Die, pp. 76-77.

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